Save Jean Klock Park
We, the undersigned, call upon Governor Jennifer Granholm, to withdraw the State
of Michigan’s recommendation supporting the conversion (loss) of Jean Klock Park
in Benton Harbor for a privately-owned golf course.  This conversion proposal is
now being reviewed by the National Park Service. We urge Governor Granholm
instead to support the protection of Jean Klock Park from all threats now and in the
future.  Such threats include the construction of golf courses, residential
developments, and any non-park use that would remove protected public parkland
from the public trust and transfer these valuable resources to private interests. We
urge Governor Granholm to heed the 2004 Consent Judgment which prohibits the
City of Benton Harbor from developing the remaining 73 acres of the park’s original
90 acres that were dedicated in 1917 in its natural state to the public, the children,
and future generations, forever.
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